New Standard Paper Bowl

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New Standard Paper Bowl

Different with normal paper bowl in the market,we are now producing new standard paper bowl.It feature good stiffness and nice paper bowl forming.Whatever quality or prodcution speed is improved a lot.

Super Thicken Raw Paper

All size of our paper bowl is appointed to use thicken paper.Even our smallest size of paper bowl is made of 337gsm kraft paper, 320gsm white paperboard,320gsm bamboo paper.

Our thicken paper is perfectly heat resistant.It is good for hot food take out use.It is total different quality with normal paper bowl in the market

Note:Our paper coating pe film reach 20gsm which is thciker than most supplier using 16-18 gsm paper layer

Very Stable Top Size

With double paper rim curling technology,our paper bowl top size can keep stable all the time.The paper rim is smaller and thicker.

There are one typical lid closure problem with normal paper bowl:Lid deform when the top size become big during the paper bowl forming.

The stable top size is the prefect solution to most lid closure problem.

New Interior Bottom Surface

After 2 times heat sealing,our paper bowl bottom is more durable than normal with one time hot sealing technology.It is perfect for  heavy to go and without leakage.

It is smooth and better sealing compares to normal paper bowl in the market 

Smooth Inwall of Paper Bowl

We redesigned the paper bowl mold.The new mold can ensure no strike damage on inwall during the paper bowl forming.

Flim burn mark is also prevented after temperature control system with new mold

paper bowl bottom

New Bottom Curl

Our bottom curl is 100% paper wrapped.It can perfect prevent liquid leaking from the bottom. 

New Outior Bottom

With our advanced temperature control system,there are no burn mark on the bottom.You will never see white film burn mark on the bottom surface

Explore New Standard Product Lines

All series of our paper salad bowl and paper soup cup are already updated to new standard quality.You can pick us without any quality problem

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