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Flexo Printing:The Definitive Guide (2022)

For over 30 years, Flexographic printing (also known as Flexo printing) has continued to be one of the most reliable ways to produce great-looking labels and other printing products. It has evolved considerably with innovations, making it the most used

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How to Buy Best Paper Bowl:A Guide for 2022

What Is Paper Bowl? – Definition A paper bowl is a disposable round paper food bowl made out of paper and lined or coated with plastic film (PE or PP), Bioplastic film (PLA) or biodegradable water-based barrier coating (Aqueous coating)

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The Ultimate Guide To PE Coating Paper

Polyethylene (PE) Coated paper is one of the most typically used food packaging materials globally. Pe film is a chemically manufactured product with a partially crystalline structure and a lightweight thermoplastic polymer. Paper products with pe film coating are waterproof

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The Definitive Guide to Bamboo Food Packaging

With the rising levels of pollution globally, one of the main contributing factors to soil and air pollution is the plastic packaging of all products. As a result, recycling efforts have increased considerably in every part of the world; however,

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