Custom Paper Soup Cups

Great for both hot& cold food with lids

Plastic Free Solution!

Kraft Soup container

White Salad Bowl

Alunmiun Soup Container

Bamboo Salad Bowl

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Super Thicken Raw Paper

All size of soup cup is appointed to use thickened paper. Even our smallest 8oz cup is made of 337gsm kraft paper, 320gsm white paperboard, and 320gsm bamboo paper.

Our thick paper soup cup is perfectly heat resistant. It is good for hot food take-out use. It is totally different quality from the normal soup cups in the market 

Note: Our paper coating pe film reach 20gsm which is thicker than most supplier using 16-18 gsm paper layer

Paper Lid with Vented Holes

We provide different size of paper lid for our soup cup.The paper lid is with two vented holes to let hot air go through.Our paper lid can be made of kraft paper ,white paper and bamboo paper.

The paper lid is especailly adjust to fit the soup cup closely to prevent the leakage.

Note:We also provide plastic lid with vented holes which is heat resistent

New Standard Quality

The soup container We manufacture now follow our new standard quality.The quality is ensured under our QC system

The new standard paper bowl won’t have lid closure problem,leaking problem,burn mark ,fake curl and so on.

Note:We will provide fast leading time as short as 10-15days

Biodegradable Solution

We can custom 100% biodegradable paper soup cups for our customers. Two options are provided for eco-friendly packaging. One is PLA film coating series, the other is water-based barrier coating.

Pla film coating is the traditional solution that is accepted by many countries. It can break down in the specificated environments.

Waterbase barrier coating is a new popular choice for compostable needs. It can decompose in the natural environment.

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