'' Water-based Barrier Coatings ''

Zero Plastic Waste

We provide plastic free  paper soup cup and paper salad
bowl . There will be no disposable plastic container use. It is very
eco-friendly for our world and society. Let’s working together
to help our earth


Water-based Barrier Coating Paper Bowl

What is Water-based Barrier Coatings

Water based Barrier Coating is a new 100% biogeradable layer for paper bowl. It is totally plastic free .It is an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and PP or PLA film lamination.When the inner surface of bowl coated with Water based Barrier, your takeaway paper bowl can hold the hot beverages and food inside. Additionally,our new coating can be apply to all size of our paper bowl and soup cup.our barrier coatings offer adequate protection against frozen foods;Water;oil and fast food service.

Why Choose Plastic Free Paper Bowl?

100% Plastic Free

It doesn’t contain any plastic layer,PLA(bioplastic),PP lining,or wax that is not sustainable and not biodegradable.With new compostable barrier coating,the paper bowl could be waterproof and grease resistance.Coatings are available both for the interior and exterior use.

It is recyclable, repulpable, plastic-free and light-weight packaging. it is new generation of compostable packing solution which will contribute to our enviromment and health

Printed with Water-based Ink

YANXIYAN paper bowls are printed using high quality water-based inks.The ink are eco- friendly and food grade.It don’t have any ink smell when printing on the paper bowl.The water-based ink can hold much higher details.The printing effect is shapper.


It Is Easier Recyclable

With water-based dispersion coated,the paperboard can be easier recylable.It doesn’t need plastic removal system.It will decompose in 180days commercial composting conditions.It is more sustainable than pe or pla lining paper product.

It is newest zero plastic container solution for take away food service

Our Bio Certificate

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