Go Green


100% Biodegradable Solution

We are now manufacturing  paper soup cup and paper salad
bowl with PLA linner to reduce the disposable plastic container use. It is very
important for our environment and society. Let’s working together
to help our earth

Go Green

PLA Coated Paper Bowl

What is PLA Lined Paper Bowl

PLA is also called “Polylactic Acid”.It is one of biodegradable thermoplastic material which comes from plant starch – typically corn, sugarcane or cassava roots. Normally PLA is usually used for coating for paper container to make them waterproof.PLA is generally safe when it contact with food service.PLA liner can be applied to paper bowl and paper cup.It is biodegradable and eco-friendly

Why Choose PLA Coated Paper Bowl?

100% biogedrable PLA Coating

PLA(Bioplastic) is well known a popular alternative to traditional plastic film.It will break down in a controlled environment and seen as as a biodegradable and compostable material.It is more environmentally friendly approach to your packaging.

PLA will break down in 60-90 days under in control condition in industrial facility.PLA has a lower glass transition temperature(between 111 and 145 °F) compared to PE lining.But it can hold same hot food when it is coated with paper bowl

All size is avaiable

PLA Lining is already applied to our all size of paper salad bowl and paper soup cup.Biodegradable PLA lid and PLA coated paper lid are also avaiable for our salad bowl and soup cup .Our porduct are guaranteed to break down in 2 to 3 months in industrial facilities.

PLA lining on  different size of containers creates a complete moisture and grease barrier.It is waterproof and grease-proof.

No Matter hot food and cold food,The PLA coated paper bowl can handle them as well as PE lined paper bowl 

Your Logo Printing Is Support

 Brand is important for your business no matter it is food service or not.We are providing custom logo printing serivce for our customer.We now provide high resolution printing teachnology which is better and more efficient than traditional offset printing and flexo printing 

Our Bio Certificate

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