Paper Bowl Manufacturing Process

What is paper bowl?

A Paper bowl is a disposable round paper food container. It can be made into different sizes using a bowl mould. It is usually for takeout food service including hot food and cold food.

As one alternative for plastic round type bowls, it greatly reduces plastic waste. Additionally, the Custom logo and brand image can be perfectly printed on its paper bowl surface. It is one of the best ways to promote brand image

What is paper bowl made of?

The primary raw materials for the paper bowls are raw paper and poly film. Raw Paper can be kraft paper, white paper, Aluminum Foil Paper and bamboo paper.

Film coating is a barrier coating on the paper bowl surface. It can prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. The poly film can be PE film (plastic film), PLA film (biodegradable bio-plastic film), and Water base barrier coating (plastic-free barrier coating).

How is paper bowl Produced?

The production line has four main steps: Raw Paper roll lamination; Paper roll Printing; paper roll die-cut; paper bowl moulding. When the raw paper roll is imported from a raw paper material supplier, the paper has to be coated with a thin layer of film to create the waterproof feature.

With the custom logo requirements, the paper roll will be printed with the logo and brand image. After the printing process, the paper roll will be cut into a paper bowl fan. The last step is using a paper bowl machine to mould the paper fan and bottom paper of the bowl into a paper bowl.

Laminating the paper roll

paper coating

Paper Lamination is the process of paper coated with polymer to give paper roll water-resistant features and grease-proof features. The polymer can be PE, PLA, PP, Water based barrier coating or other material.

In the first step, the polymer will be melted and then turn into sheet form. Second, the polymer sheet will be pressed against the paper to be coated when it is still hot. The paper and film will stick to each other very closely. when their temperature goes down, they are permanently combined together.

The raw paper can be kraft, white, or bamboo paper material. The lamination can achieve different film surface treatments like matt or glossy. If the paper container is used for the ice-cold things, the raw paper roll has to laminate with the double side which we called it double pe film coating paper. The speed of coating film is 300meter /min

Printing paper roll


Printing will go after paper lamination is done. Before the printing starts, the logo printing plate has to be made in advance. With the logo printing plate, the logo will be printed onto the paper roll.

For the food packaging, the Flexo printing and UV printing methods are the priority. As they are food grade and environment friendly. With an advanced printing machine, the paper roll will be directly printed with a logo or brand image. Two methods of printing almost no need time to wait for ink dry that which will ensure the speed of production time

A simple logo will refer to flexo printing. Complicated content with full colour printing goes for UV printing

Die cut paper roll


A high-speed roll dies punching machine will punch and die cut raw paper roll into different sizes of paper bowl fan shapes by changing moulds. Max die-cutting size is 1150×350mm. The Paper fan is the side paper of the paper bowl.

Die-cut equipment can easily cut all types of paper bowl fans at a fast speed of around 300-380 times/min. Relatively, PLA coating paper die-cut speed is slower than pe film coating paper. As the PLA liner paper is thicker than the pe liner paper to be cut.

Molding paper bowl


Molding is also called forming. It is a key step in the whole paper bowl process. The paper bowl machine will control the outlet speed and temperature for paper fan forming and the bottom paper sealing. The fast speed of forming can reach 100pcs-120pcs/bowl per minute.: Production output up to 48,000 cups per shift (8 hours), up to 4.3 million cups per month (3 shifts)

Before the paper machine starts to form the paper bowl fan, The operator needs to spray water on the paper fan for easy curling every 20-30 minutes. The paper roll of the paper bowl bottom and paper bowl fan will be delivered into the feeding port of the paper bowl machine.

The paper bowl machine will automatically form a paper fan, and seal and punch the paper bowl bottom with proper hot temperature(350℃). Our high-speed machine is working with an extra cooler system which will make sure the paper bowl is not overheated and without any burn marks on the body and bottom of the paper bowl.

Water Leaking Test


The operator will randomly pick up the paper bowl with a mark during every shift of production. The water will be put in the paper bowl to observe if there is water leakage and a form problems. If there is any quality problem, we can easily track its cause from a different set of raw paper rolls, lamination and paper bowl machine

Auto packing


When the paper bowl is done forming, it will be delivered to an automatic paper bowl packing machine. One auto packing machine can absorb multiple (maximum is 4 paper bowl machines, we are 2) paper bowl machines’ output quantity online. The bag poly film(15um-50um) will be auto feeding in the machine.

The operator can arrange a single and double row of paper bowls when packaging. The Packing speed is 15 bags/min. After it packs paper bowls, it can automatically classify the paper bowl from different paper bowl machines and then deliver them to specific good containers. The packing is 100% clean without human operation.


Paper bowl is used for restaurant takeout food service and custom logo food packaging. It will perfect be for hot food and cold food.

They are different types of paper bowls: paper salad bowls; paper soup cups; paper bowls for noodles; paper ramen bowls; ice cream paper bowls; Aluminum Foil Paper Bowl; acai paper bowls etc. You can visit the paper bowl guide here

YANXIYAN New Standard Paper Bowl

YANXIYAN paper bowl is known as the new standard paper bowl. Direct working with raw paper material suppliers, YANXIYAN use thicker paper (kraft330gsm; white paper 320gsm; bamboo paper 320gsm,) with imported poly film (20gsm pe;30gsm PLA).

It is top-grade quality in the market. With advanced process technology, YANXIYAN are providing clean, food-grade and top-grade quality for our customer

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