Bamboo Utensils Pros and Cons:All You Need To Know (2023 Update)

Today I am going to show you bamboo utensils pros and Cons. 

In this article, you will learn:

10 advantages of bamboo utensils

6 disadvantages of bamboo utensils

Why they are a popular alternative to plastic cutlery

Let’s dive in

Bamboo Utensils Pros

100% Compostable and Biodegradable

Bamboo Cutlery is made of a natural resource that is compostable and 100% biodegradable

In fact, bamboo needs 6 months to 3 years to break down under different compost conditions fully.

For example, if you want the bamboo cutlery to decompose in a shorter time, you can cut them into small pieces.

Or you can leave them in an industrial composter; it will just take a few weeks.

On the other hand, when fully decomposed, bamboo turns into nutrient-rich soil to fertilize plants.

As a good result, it will greatly reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

bamboo cutlery is biodegradable


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet

For example, bamboo can grow up to 4 feet in 24 hours and be harvested in 3–5 years.

With rapid growth, bamboo is a reliable renewable resource to make kitchen cutlery.

It is an ideal alternative to wood cutlery. (wood takes around 30-40 years to grow up)

In fact, the bamboo plant is a hardy plant that does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers, making it even more eco-friendly.

Bamboo plants release 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to other plants and they also help prevent soil erosion

Does not conduct heat

Bamboo utensils are heat resistant compared to stainless steel utensils. 

If you accidentally touch a hot pot or pan with your cutlery, you could end up with a nasty burn

One disadvantage of using metallic utensils is that they can transfer the heat very soon

But the bamboo cutlery does not allow heat to pass through easily, making it a safer alternative to metal cutlery.

You will enjoy a safer and more comfortable mealtime experience using bamboo cutlery.

No Scratches

Bamboo cooking utensils are scratch resistant and safe to use on the different cooking surfaces

In fact, Bamboo cutlery is much softer than metal kitchen cutlery.

For example, metal cutlery will scratch the surface of your metal pots and pans making them more difficult to clean. 

On the other hand, You can wash the bamboo cutlery aggressively without worrying about scratching itself 

But will it be safe to use on a non-stick cooking surface?

Let’s explore!

bamboo fork,bamboo straw,bamboo sppon,paper cup

Safe for Non-Stick Cookware

Bamboo cooking utensils are one of the best cooking utensils which won’t damage non-stick cookware.

Similar to the wooden cooking utensils, the bamboo cutlery is smooth and gentle on a Non-stick surface.

Most ends of bamboo cutlery are slightly round. The round edge will also protect your cooking ware further.

For example, you can use bamboo cutlery for pans, dishes, and pots  without worrying about the scratches

bamboo cutlery won't scratches no-stick cookware


Bamboo cutlery is super lightweight when compared to steel cutlery.

According to the research,the density of bamboo is 812kg/m³,but  steel’s density is 7872 kg/m³.The result mean bamboo product is only 10% weight of steel product 

For example, Now bamboo is such a popular material for making cutting boards and serving trays.

With this benefit, bamboo cutlery is aslo best for your camping, backpacking and travel.

You will love the easy going life with bamboo cutlery

Lightweight bamboo cutlery


Although the bamboo cutlery set is lightweight, it is even stronger than metal cutlery.

Is it surprising?

The secret is bamboo has a high tensile strength than steel.

For example, the tensile strength of steel is  23,000 pounds per square inch. But the tensile strength of bamboo can reach 28,000 pounds

Not surprisingly, bamboo cutlery is less likely to break or bend than metal cutlery.

And, The bamboo knife is hard enough to chop through meat and vegetables

Safe Resistant to stains and odor

Bamboo utensils are naturally resistant to staining and odors

In fact, Bamboo has antibacterial properties which can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus which will cause odor

With that, bamboo will repel flavours or smells, as a result, your food will always taste fresh

On the other hand, bamboo is sain-proof.

You can easily clean the bamboo cutlery and store it safe

For example, when you cut the meal on the bamboo cutting board, you just need to simply rinse it with soap and water

bamboo cutlery resistant to staining and odors

Durable(How long do bamboo utensils last)

I’ve heard bamboo is the strongest woody plant in on earth

That is the reason why bamboo can be used for structure and flooring material 

Bamboo cutlery won’t break easily like other wood cutlery sets.

And you can expect the bamboo cutlery to last over 10 years.

Thanks to its strength and flexibility, bamboo cutlery is able to withstand repeated use and abuse.

And Bamboo cutlery will keep its shape and won’t splinter like other types of wood.


Bamboo has a natural and stylish look which is better than plastic and metal utensils.

If you’re hosting a dinner party or just having a casual meal with family, bamboo cutlery can help create a more sophisticated atmosphere

For example, bamboo cutlery is always showing off in high-end restaurants.

And They are completely safe and do not have any chemical or toxic materials. 


Bamboo Utensils Cons

Disposable bamboo cutlery is expensive

Disposable bamboo cutlery is more expensive than other types of disposable utensils(disposable plastic, paper cutlery and other compostable disposable cutlery)

For example,plastic cutlery is cheapest.Paper cutlery is not expensive as compostable cutlery but higher than plastic one .

Then bamboo cutlery is higher than compostable cutlery.

That means you will spend more money if you choose disposable bamboo cutlery.

Eco friendly Disposable bamboo dish

More transport cost

Most bamboo plants grow in Asia and some parts of South America. 

When you shop the bamboo cutlery outside these areas, the transport cost will be more expensive than you buy them locally.

For example, if you are an import buyer in Europe, you have to pay the shipping cost oversea.

The extra shipping cost will make bamboo cutlery less price competitive compared to wooden or other cutlery

Disposed of properly

Bamboo is a natural resource material, But it still needs to be disposed of properly.

We mentioned bamboo cutlery will take up to 3 years to decompose.

If you no longer need to use them, you can’t just toss your bamboo utensils in the trash

As a result, bamboo cutlery will end up in a landfill for years

Or the bamboo waste can be a bit of a hassle when you don’t have access to a composting bin.

bin for bamboo cutlery

They can break compared to steel

Definitely, Bamboo is a strong material. But its hardness is not as good as metal cutlery.

Bamboo cutlery may break if they are dropped or used too roughly

For example, If you were to drop a metal fork, it would probably bend but not break

However, if you drop a bamboo fork, it might snap in half

bamboo cutlery can break

Not safe for use in a dishwasher

Bamboo cutlery is not safe for a dishwasher.

If you put your bamboo utensils in the dishwasher, they might soak up water and warp

The other problem is splinters will happen after the bamboo is washed with hot water and detergent in the dishwasher

 If you must wash your bamboo utensils in the dishwasher, put them on the top rack and use the lowest setting possible

In fact,hand washing is always the best option

Bamboo can't Go in the Dishwasher

Difficult to find in various colors

Bamboo is a natural material, so it is only available in its natural colour

When we talk about bamboo cutlery pros and cons, The colour would be a pity:

if you’re looking for a specific colour to match your kitchen decor

You might be able to find bamboo utensils that have been stained or painted, but they will be more expensive than natural ones.

What Did You Think?

Now I would like to hear from you

What is the brand of bamboo cutlery you are using now?

Do you know more about Bamboo Cutlery Pros and Cons?

How often you will change the cooking cutlery?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  1. I found as hobby to make utensils and making them was fun , can share if any wanted.
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  2. It got me when you said that bamboo will not break easily compared to other wood options they can last for ten years. I should consider them and buy bamboo chopped food scoops online as well as other utensils I can find once I find a shop to buy from. It will be a great option to follow the wooden theme I have in mind for my kitchen and dining room without worrying about their durability.

  3. Appreciative material pertaining to Bamboo cooking tools are among the greatest options because they are safe for use with non-stick cookware. Bamboo cutlery, like wooden cooking utensils, is soft and smooth against a Non-stick pan. Bamboo cutlery typically has rounded ends. Your cookware will be even safer with the rounded edge. I appreciate you sharing this helpful data here. This is a fantastic piece of writing. You must also check out it has some great insights too.

  4. Whether you own a restaurant, run a catering service, or even organise events, these trays are designed to align with your values and make your customers feel good about their choices.

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