Full Guide to the Types of Paper Bags(2023)

With its biodegradable and eco-friendly characteristics, paper bags contribute to the sustainability of the environment. 

Today we are going to discover types of paper bags and what it holds for you in 2023. 

Besides that we are going to cover the ways to choose the paper bags.

Let’s explore the various types of paper bags and make informed choices for their use and reuse.

Let’s dive in!

Different Types of Paper Bags

Retail Paper Bags

A retail paper bag plays a significant role in the customer experience by combining functionality and branding.

As of 2023, sustainable retail packaging will be in greater demand than ever before, as consumers and businesses strive for eco-friendly packages.

We will discuss various types of retail paper bags:

Serrated Top Paper Bag

As a convenient and cost-effective packaging solution, serrated top paper bags are preferred by retailers.

Paper bags with serrated tops are commonly used for packing fruits, vegetables, bakery goods, and small merchandise in grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail stores.

Serrated Top Paper Bag

Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Twisted tote bags are made of kraft paper (brown or white) with firmly attached twisted handles and are commonly used in retail for shopping and promotions.  

These versatile bags also serve as convenient carriers for meals and food parcels from restaurants.

In fact, research indicates that the global retail sales of packaged foods are projected to reach approximately US$ 3.0 trillion by 2020, contributing to the growing demand for such bags.

Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Die-Cut Handle Paper Bag

Paper bags with die-cut handles, also known as punch-out handles, are designed with handles that are formed from the bag itself, which eliminates polyethylene film and promotes eco-friendliness.

The handles are meticulously cut or punched into the bag’s upper section and often reinforced for durability.

These bags are known for their simplicity and practicality, making them a preferred choice for contemporary shoppers.

Die-Cut Handle Paper Bag

Flat bottom bag

Flat bottom bags, also known as square bottom bags, are distinctive for their flat and sturdy base, allowing them to stand independently.

These bags are widely used in food, coffee, and tea packaging and offer stability and style.

From snacks to clothing, they provide a secure and eye-catching way to carry and display items, making them a versatile packaging choice.

Flat-bottom bags are generally made of thicker materials than SOS bags since they must be able to carry a greater amount of weight.

Flat bottom bag

Turn Top Paper Bags

A turn top paper bag provides an elegant and secure closure that is unique and versatile.

Clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and luxury retail items commonly use these bags.

An easy-to-fold and secure flap at the top creates a clean and polished appearance.

Businesses can customize turn top paper bags based on their branding needs by using different sizes, colors, and finishes.

Twisted handle bags (J-Cut)

Twisted handle bags, often called J-Cut bags, are a type of paper bag with a twisted paper handle at the top.

These bags are popular among retail businesses. 

In addition to being comfortable to hold, the handles also look great.

It is ideal for boutiques, clothing, and gift shops since these bags come in various sizes and colors.

Twisted handle bags (J-Cut)

Twill Handle bag

The strength and durability of twill handle bags are well known.

Twill ribbon is used for the handles sewn into the bag.

The design provides an upscale and distinctive appearance.

High-end fashion brands, luxury retail stores, and gift packaging companies use twill-handle bags for their products.

The twill handle bag has a luxurious appearance and is sturdy and durable.

Twill Handle bag

Patrick bags

Its unique shape allows the bag to be folded upright or folded down.

It is designed in such a way that it allows easy access to the contents of the bag.

There are many uses for Patrick bags in the food industry.

These bags are commonly used for takeaway orders, but they can also be used to package small gifts for gifts or to advertise a business.

Patrick bags

Mailing bags

The purpose of mailing bags is to ship and mail products. 

They are also known as courier bags.

Self-sealing envelopes are typically made of durable paper or paperboard.

They are ideal for shipping products in e-commerce, as they are secure and presentable.

Various sizes are available, and branding can be added.

Mailing bags

Vogue Paper Bags

The design of vogue paper bags is sleek and stylish, with its narrow and tall shape often indicating that they are slim and elegant.

As a result, they are known for their elegant appearance, high quality, and high-grade paper.

Upscale retailers use Vogue paper bags to package luxury items like clothing, jewelry, or cosmetics to make them look impressive.

As a result, shoppers are provided with a sophisticated shopping experience.

Handmade Luxury Paper Bag

Handcrafted luxury paper bags are crafted with great attention to detail and using the finest materials.

Intricate designs and hand-stitched handles often give them a distinct look, as do foil stamping and other unique embellishments.

These bags have exclusive rights and are available to high-end brands for a one-of-a-kind display on special occasions. 

Luxury and exclusivity are evident in their design.

Hand Made Luxury Paper Bag

Party Bag

Party favor bags are usually smaller and are designed to hold small gifts, candies, and party favors.

There are a variety of colors and patterns that can be seen on them, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and holidays require party bags.

Adding them to party favors and giveaways adds a bright and colorful touch.

Party Bag

Merchandise Bags

Retail shops often use merchandise bags because they are simple, unprinted bags.

Various sizes are available, and they can be made of recycled paper or standard paper.

From clothing to accessories to books and small electronics, these bags can be used for packaging a wide array of products due to their versatility.

Cord handle bag

Cotton or other materials are used to make cord handle bags. 

The cord handle is typically attached to the bag at the top, allowing users to carry the bag comfortably.

Many boutiques, jewelry stores, upscale retailers, and the like carry cord handle bags. 

Shopping with them adds a touch of sophistication.

Cord handle bag

Recycling bags

 Self-adhesive reusable paper bag

An adhesive strip makes it easy to seal and reseal reusable paper bags.

It is designed so that it can be used multiple times over time.

If you’re eco-conscious and looking for a reusable alternative to shopping or carrying things, these bags are great.

 Self-adhesive reusable paper bag

Food Grade Paper Bag

The market for food grade paper bags is forecast to reach US$ 958.4 Million by 2032, expanding at a rate of 5.1% annually.

Pinch Bottom Paper Bag

The unique closure mechanism found on pinch-bottom paper bags makes them so popular.

As a result of the bags’ flat bottoms, they can be pinched and sealed, removing the need for adhesive and additional closures.

There is a wide variety of uses for these bags, including agriculture, pharmaceutics, retail, and other industries.

The Pinch Bottom Paper Bags are available in various sizes and can be customized to meet the needs of individual customers.

Standard Pinch Bottom Paper Bag

The standard pinch bottom paper bag is one of the most basic structures of the bottom paper bag type. 

The standard pinch-bottom paper bag is often used for packaging bulk items, such as grain, nuts, or powders, that are in bulk.

With the pinch bottom closure, the contents of the bag are securely held within it while at the same time making it easy for the user to open and reseal the bag as needed.

It is a cost-effective and sustainable method of packaging.

Standard Pinch Bottom Paper Bag

Pinch-bottom paper Bag with Windows

The front of the bag features a clear window, similar to the standard pinch-bottom paper bag.

The window can appeal to consumers when it comes to specialty grains, tea leaves, or coffee beans because they can see the product inside.

With a pinch-bottom closure, these bags combine functionality with marketing advantages.

Pinch-Bottom Paper Bag with windows

Pinch Bottom Paper Bag with Die-Cut Liner

The die-cut liners on pinch-bottom paper bags are designed to package coffee or nuts for specific purposes.

During the assembling process of the bag, the die-cut liner is placed inside the pocket and serves as a further barrier between the contents and external factors such as air and moisture.

It is ideal for products with a long shelf life or needing to stay fresh for a longer period.

In addition to being secure, the pinch bottom closure is lined with a die-cut liner for added protection.

Pinch Bottom PaperBag with Die-Cut Liner

SOS (Self-Opening Satchel) Paper Bags

SOS Paper Bag with Windows

SOS paper bags have a simple design that combines the convenience of a clear window with the convenience of a self-opening satchel bag.

Baking shops and cafes often display pastries and bread in these bags to keep them fresh and visible to customers.

Adding the window to the packaging enhances its attractiveness, allowing customers to see what’s inside

SOS Paper Bag with Windows

Standard SOS Paper Bag

The standard SOS paper bag is designed for easier and faster opening.

When opened, they stand upright due to their gusseted bottoms.

Fast food, snacks, and takeout items can be packaged with this feature. SOS bags allow one-handed opening, which is why they are popular among restaurants and food delivery services.

Standard SOS Paper Bag

SOS Paper Bag with Tin-Tie Top

Designed to be resealable, SOS paper bags feature a tin-tie top closure.

Food companies commonly use these containers to package loose items like coffee beans, nuts, and dried fruits.

Its tin-tie top ensures that the contents are preserved fresh and flavorful after use.

In addition to being versatile, these bags can be used to store various dry food products.

SOS Paper Bag with Tin-Tie Top

Food Delivery Bags

Commonly Bags

Bags are commonly used as merchandise and grocery bags in the paper bag industry. 

Their lightweight, versatility, and various sizes make them ideal for carrying various items.

Retail outlets and grocery stores commonly use these bags as promotional tools.

You can customize your paper bags with your brand logo and slogan, making them a great option for businesses wanting to get noticed.

Commonly Bags

Specialty Bags

Paper specialty bags are available in various unique styles and features tailored to the demands of specific industries.

For example, paper bags can be used to pack lunches or transport wine bottles safely, such as wine paper bags and paper lunch bags.

A specialty bag provides specialized functionality and caters to niche markets.

Specialty Bags- wine paper bags

Bakery Bags

The bakery bag is a type of packaging for baked foods.

Various delicacies are usually stored in it. 

Examples are cakes, biscuits, chips, fried chicken, burgers, and coffee.

(Pro Tips: You should consider adding a layer of plastic lining inside the item so that water and oil cannot get into it.)

Food is stored and held in baking bags. 

In most cases, when storing food in baking bags, we line the inside of the bag with waxed paper.

Keeping food fresh is key to maintaining the flavor and quality of what’s inside.

In the same way, bakery bags are available in various sizes, shapes, and types.

Bakery Bags

Euro Tote

Euro totes are more sophisticated lunch bags.

In spite of a similar design, the euro tote has an array of surface finishes, fancy handles, and custom branding.

Euro totes are paper bags, however recycling them can be difficult because they are sometimes lined with plastic and printed with metalized inks.

Although these bags can be reused several times, they are not as durable as single-use plastic bags.

Euro Tote

How do you choose the right paper bag?

A paper bag is an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging option that has become increasingly popular.

Additionally, they can be customized to meet the needs of various users.

Several factors should be considered when selecting a paper bag, such as size, material, and design.

We will discuss each aspect here to help you make an informed choice.


Selecting the right paper bag begins with selecting the appropriate size.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Prepare a bag volume estimate based on the items you plan to place. Don’t overfill or tear it. Make sure it can comfortably hold your products.
  • Take into consideration the bag’s length, width, and depth. The size and shape of your product should match these dimensions.
several specifications of paper bags

Paper Bag Material

It is possible to find paper bags in various materials, each with its characteristics.

Among the most common options are:

Art Paper/Coated Paper: A smooth, glossy finish makes these paper bags perfect for retail packaging. 

A vibrant printing option is available, and they can be used to print high-quality products.

White Paper Card:Card bags made of white paper are elegant, versatile, and clean. 

Customized designs are available, which makes them a popular gift.

Black Paper Card: A popular luxury brand is black paper card bags, which exude sophistication. 

Black paper bags can be customized with branding elements using printing techniques like screen printing or foil stamping.

Kraft Paper: There is no doubt that Kraft paper bags are eco-friendly and incredibly durable. 

Natural products and grocery shopping are often packaged with them.

Kraft Paper

Special Paper: There are textured, patterned, and metallic paper bags available. 

Packaging becomes more upscale with them.

Duplex Paper: A double layer of paper makes duplex paper bags more durable. 

It is suitable for heavier items.

Recycle Paper: Paper bags made from recycled paper are eco-friendly.

By using them, you are demonstrating your commitment to sustainable practices.

Offset Paper: Bags made from offset paper are classic and uncoated.

Customization is possible with a variety of printing techniques on these products.

various materials of paper bags


The branding and aesthetics of your paper bag are highly dependent on its design.

Here are some design elements to keep in mind:

  • Scheme of colors. Make sure the colors you choose are right for your brand. Make sure the text and logos are easy to read.
  • Logos and graphics.Add a logo, a product image, or any other relevant graphics related to your company.You should ensure that they are both visually appealing and clear.
Bronzing logo
  • Choose fonts that convey your brand’s personality. Placing text legibly and hierarchically is essential.
  • Embossing, foiling, or UV spot coating can give a premium look and feel.
  • Make sure that you organize your design elements in such a way that they look harmonious and balanced.

Paper Bag Handles

Handles enhance the look and functionality of a bag and provide convenience.

Consider these handle options:

  • Twisted Paper Handles.The grips are comfortable and cost-effective. Typically, they are found in retail settings.
  • Die-cut Handles.A die-cut handle offers a unique, stylish appearance. Depending on your branding, you can customize their shapes.
  • Ribbon Handles.The use of ribbon handles when packaging gifts adds an element of elegance.
Ribbon Handles paper bag
  • Cotton Handles.It is eco-friendly and durable to use cotton handles. Reusable or heavy bags are suitable for them.
  • Flat Paper Handles.The minimalistic design of these handles makes them perfect for lightweight items.
  • Rope Handles.Handles made from rope have a rustic or natural appearance. High-end packaging and boutiques commonly use them.
  • Vanishing Handles.The handles can be concealed within the bag when not in use, providing a clean, unobtrusive appearance.

Ways to Reuse Paper Bags

There is a greater focus on reusing everyday items due to the growing commitment to environmental sustainability. 

A paper bag is one of those everyday items that often goes unnoticed.

You can consider these innovative ways to repurpose paper bags instead of throwing them away after a single use.

Storage Containers

Use paper bags to efficiently and environmentally friendly store a variety of household items.

Storage for small items. Fold the edges down and trim the top to create an open container from a paper bag.

The containers are useful for storing small accessories, such as jewelry or office supplies.

Organization of closets.  It is a good idea to use paper bags as closet organizers.

There are many ways in which they can be used, including to hold scarves, belts, and socks neatly in place. 

You can easily identify the bags by labeling them.

Toy Storage. You can reuse paper bags to help your child organize his or her toys. 

You can use markers, stickers or paint to decorate their toy storage containers.

Storage Containers-reuse paper bags

Decorative Plants

Nothing is more rustic than a paper bag in the garden, whether inside or out.

Plant Pot Covers. Cover a plain plastic plant pot with a paper bag. 

You can add a decorative rim to the top of the bag by folding the excess load.

Adding this simple trick to your potted plants can instantly elevate their appearance.

Mulch for gardens. Make mulch from paper bags by shredding them into small pieces. 

The decomposition of this helps retain moisture and enrich the soil.

Starter pots for seedlings. Fill paper bags with soil and fold them into the desired size to create biodegradable seedling pots.

Paper bags can plant seedlings directly into the ground when they are ready for transplantation.

Decorative Plants-reuse paper bags

DIY Crafts

Make your DIY crafts from paper bags by incorporating them into your creative endeavors.

  • Wrapping gifts.You can use decorated paper bags to wrap gifts in an eco-friendly and rustic manner. Personalized tags and twine add a  special touch.
  • A handmade greeting card.You can make greeting cards from paper bags by cutting out shapes and letters.Cards can be made with a tactile element by using a paper bag.
  • Scrapbooking and collages.Using paper bags as collage materials or for scrapbooking projects, tear or cut them into different shapes and sizes. Backgrounds with these can be interesting and textured.
DIY Crafts for reusing paper bags

Creative Toys

Creating toys from paper bags can engage your children’s imagination and help them develop their motor skills.

  • Puppets.You can decorate the paper bag and add eyes and a mouth to make a puppet. Kids can put on a puppet show to keep the family entertaine
  • Paper Bag Masks. By painting, cutting and decorating, you can create unique looking masks that will allow your child to be their favorite character or anima
  • Kite Making.You can create simple kites with paper bags, wooden dowels, and string. In windy weather, it can be a fun outdoor activity.
Reuse paper bag for making a puppet


We hope you find this extensive guide helpful and get you detailed insights into the world of types of paper bags 2023 and how to choose.

We would be glad to hear your experience reading this article.

Did you completely understand the types of paper bags?

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