How to Buy Best Paper Bowl:A Guide for 2022

Paper bowl is one of best takeaway food container .How to choose the right size and types?Here is full guideline in 2022

What Is Paper Bowl? - Definition

A paper bowl is a disposable round paper food bowl made out of paper and lined or coated with plastic film (PE or PP), Bioplastic film (PLA) or biodegradable water-based barrier coating (Aqueous coating) to prevent the liquid of food from leaking out or soaking through the paper.

And it is widely used for takeaway food services instead of some types of plastic take out containers.

Generally, the disposable paper bowl is used with its matching lid. Different kinds of covers would be used depending on the food you want to serve.

Additionally, the Custom logo can be printed on one side, both sides of the bowl or all over the body of the paper bowl.

Types of Paper Bowl

  • YANXIYAN Paper salad bowl

Paper salad bowl is popularly seen in the restaurant to serve poke food, mixed salad, and rice food.

What we call paper poke bowl is the same as paper salad bowl. The smallest size is a paper bowl of 500ml. It is eco-friendly disposable paper bowl packaging.

  • YANXIYAN paper soup cup

Disposable paper soup bowls with lids are the best disposable bowls for hot soup and other forms of hot food.

The soup bowls are a good option for the party. With double pe film coating, the soup cup can be used as an ice cream cup.

8oz soup cup
  • YANXIYAN Biodegradable paper bowl (PLA coating or Aqueous coating)

Our compostable paper bowl is made from paper with PLA liner or water-based barrier coating.It is perfect for food service and catering.

They are the popular biodegradable alternative to disposable plastic takeaway containers.

  • Instant noodle paper bowl

An instant noodle paper bowl is designed to serve hot noodles and hot insulated. It can be designed as a double wallpaper structure like a paper cup. It is widely used for instant ramen. So it is called a paper ramen bowl.

  • Ice cream paper bowl

The ice cream paper bowl is called Paper Ice Cream Cups. It is a single-use ice cream bowl.

Made from paper with double pe lined, it is excellent for ice cream, yoghurt, dessert and other ice food. You can customize your logo on the bowl as well.

  • Aluminium Foil Paper Bowl

An aluminium foil paper bowl is the new heat-resistant solution for hot food serving. It is suitable for hot soup and hot content.

With aluminium foil coating,the container is much stronger than normal paper bowl

aluminum foil salad bow for hot food
  • YANXIYAN Acai paper bowl

Acai paper bowls can be used as paper snack bowls. Its capability is from 250ml to 500ml. They can serve acai food, poke, snack food, candy, dessert and another style of food.

What is paper bowl sizes?

There are several capacities of paper bowls (like 500ml,650ml.700ml,750ml etc.) called by different people in different regions as other countries have their own measurements for volume.

This situation may make you confused about what is the correct size to choose from.

Here is the final perfect solution to define the salad bowl size:

We choose the unit of length (cm or inch) as the measurement for the bowl. The unit of length is international and workable for all countries.

Three diameters size has to be measured when you select paper bowl:

  1. Top diameter size
  2. Bottom diameter size
  3. Height diameter size

With the three-diameter size, it will be easy to pick your ideal or similar size for food serving.

bowl size

How to select best size?

If you are a beginner at picking up disposable paper bowls, here are three ways that you can take them as a reference.

  • Learn from your competitor.

There are always several competitors who will sell the same food as yours in the same region. It is a great way to learn the size they are using from your competitors.

  • Compared with the plastic container you are using.

If you are considering changing a plastic container to a paper container, you can measure the top, bottom and height size to make a comparison with the paper container. It would be easy to find a similar size. 

  • Take our sample

If you want to sell your own volume of food, you can take our samples to select which size would be suitable for your foodservice.

We provide free samples for you. Following is our size chart for salad bowls and soup cup

YANXIYAN paper bowl size chart

  • Paper Salad Bowl
  • Paper Soup Cup
  • Acai paper bowl

What is the Types of Paper Material?

What paper types of disposable bowls are suitable for your business? Are you picking up the best paper bowl packaging? Review the paper material guide in following

  • Kraft paper:

Kraft paper bowl with lids is most commonly seen in restaurants. It is original and natural kraft looking. Due to its brown color, it is also called a brown kraft paper bowl.

The kraft paper is suitable for a simple logo and color printing.

Black and red color will have the best printing effect on the kraft paper background. The light color and white color are not suggested to be printed on the kraft paper.

  • White paper:

White paper bowl is very suitable for custom logo printing. It can perfect show your brand image on the bowl.

It can hold full-color printing all over the body of the paper bowl. If you want to store cold food in the freezer, a white paper bowl with a double pe lining is your best choice.

  • Bamboo Paper:

Bamboo paper is new paper material which is Antibacterial and more durable than kraft and white paper.

The bamboo paper bowl is heat-resistant and moisture-proof, some as kraft and white paper.

As bamboo paper is more sustainable than wood paper, many customers would love to print green marks on the bamboo paper bowl. It can promote their brand consciousness in their end-user.   

What is Types of Paper Coating

As we mentioned before, the coating creates a waterproof layer on the paper bowl. It can help the paper container to hold liquid and food without leaking.

It is a necessary part of the paper bowl. How to choose the paper coating? Here is advice

  • Single Pe coating paper

Single pe coating is most widely used in paper food packaging. It can hold almost every type of food in a paper container except cold ice food.

But the pe is made from plastic. So, it can’t be biodegradable.

PE liner can stand up to 100 Celsius degrees, which is perfect for hot food service and beverages.

By the way, the pe coating can’t be microwaved. You can’t put the pe coating paper product in the microwave for more than 3 minutes.

  • Double pe coating paper

Double pe coating is suitable for cold ice foodservice like acai and seafood.

The double pe coating will keep the paper container solid without being soft when it is contacting with low-temperature food.

Due to double pe coating, the paper bowl will be stronger and more durable than a single pe coating.  

  • PLA coating paper

PLA coating (Bio-plastic) is a biodegradable coating for the paper bowl. It is eco-friendly and compostable compared to pe lining.

As a popular alternative to pe coating, now it is widely used in paper cups and paper soup bowls.

But PLA lining paper cost is much high than pe lining paper. So, the average price of a PLA coating paper bowl is much higher than a Pe coating paper bowl.

  • Water-based barrier coating

Water-based barrier coating paper is called plastic-free paper. It is 100% biodegradable and can be decomposed in the home. It can break down in nature within 180 days.

It is the newest solution to plastic waste. Its waterproof is as good as pe lining.

It can support cold food as well as pe coating paper when the paper bowl is double-coated with a water-based barrier coating.

Quality Checklist of Paper Bowl

The Paper bowl is composed of raw paper and film lined. So, these two parts of natural material will have a significant impact on the quality of paper bowls.

Additionally, Manufacturing technology will exact change the quality of paper bowls as well.

Here is one principle forever for paper quality. “The heavier paper, the better quality”.

Raw Paper Weight:

The thicker paper is more durable and stronger than thin paper. If the paper bowl is for takeaway purposes, the disposable paper container has to be strong enough to be heavy to go.

Film Coating Weight:

It is essential the paper bowl can be leakproof. And Blocking grease stains is also an important feature you have to consider.

If the paper bowl is coated with thicker film, it would be better waterproof and grease-resistant.

What is the GSM of paperweight?

Generally, GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. The higher the GSM number of paper means, the heavier weight of the paper. The following is primary data for good paper quality.

  • Kraft Paper-330GSM Kraft Paper-for PLA lining-300GSM
  • White Paper-320GSM
  • Bamboo paper-320GSM

What is the GSM of paper's coating

The coating for paper is the same as important for paper quality. The principle still works for the weight of coating for paper. (Heavier is better).

The thicker film will create a better layer barrier coating to be waterproof and greaseproof.

  • PE Film:20GSM
  • Double Film:18GSM+18GSM (Cold food)
  • Bio PLA Film:30GSM

What is the total weight of the paper bowl?

It is easy to calculate the total weight of the paper bowl to define the quality. We make a list for you in the following:

Kraft Paper Series

  • Kraft Paper with Single PE =330GSM+20GSM=350GSM
  • Kraft paper with double pe=330GSM+18GSM+18GSM=366GSM
  • Kraft paper with PLA=300GSM+30GSM=330GSM

White paper series

  • White Paper with Single PE =320GSM+20GSM=340GSM
  • White paper with double pe=320GSM+18GSM+18GSM=356GSM
  • White paper with PLA=300GSM+30GSM=330GSM

Bamboo paper series

  • Bamboo Paper with Single PE =320GSM+20GSM=340GSM
  • Bamboo paper with double pe=320GSM+18GSM+18GSM=356GSM
  • Bamboo paper with PLA=300GSM+30GSM=330GSM

Comparasion with low quality paper bowl

New manufacturing technology brings higher quality and fast leading time for paper bowls using the same quality paper raw material.

Here is basically six central part to check the quality following.

  • Good Rim curling vs bad rim curling
  • Good interior bottom vs Bad interior bottom
  • Good in inwall of paper bowl vs Bad in inwall of the paper bowl
  • Good bottom curl vs wrong bottom curl
  • Good bottom vs bad bottom

How to select the right lid for paper bowl?

There are three types of cover for paper bowls. Are they suitable for your Takeout food container? Review the following:


The Pet lid is as transparent as glass. You can quickly look through the lid to see food in a paper bowl. Pet lid is recycled material. It is eco-friendly.

But the Pet lid is not heat-resistant and can only stand up to around 60-70 Celsius degrees. It can’t be the microwave.

If you overheat the pet lid, it will easy deform. So, the pet lid is not suitable for hot food.

  • PP LID

PP lid is the perfect choice for hot food as pp material has a very high melting point.

But pp lid is not as transparent as the pet lid. It is also microwave compared to a Pet lid. If you are serving hot food, you have to choose the PP lid.


The paper lid is not transparent. But there are two vented holes in the paper lid to let air leak out. The paper lid is widely used for paper soup cups.

Now even a paper salad bowl has a bigger size paper lid. Due to the paper material, it is easy to print the logo on the top surface of the paper lid.

  • PLA LID-Biodegradable transparent lid

How Much Does A paper bowl with a lid Cost?

It all depends on your specific needs; a paper bowl with a lid varies in price.

Firstly, you need to be clear about what will go in the paper bowl?

Hot food or cold food?

If you want to serve cold food thing, you have to buy a double pe coating film paper bowl. It could be more expensive than a single pe coating paper product a little bit.

If you want to store hot food, a single pe coating will work. But you have selected the PP lid and paper lid for your paper bowl.

Secondly, what is the size you want to select?

Should your food packaging be light or heavy? The usually bigger size will have a higher cost.

If you are considering the environmental attributes of a paper bowl, The biodegradable PLA lined or water-based coating paper bowl is your best choice.

And no doubt, biodegradable product cost is higher.

Last, do you need to use paper bowls as potential advertising?

The logo and design would be an excellent way to call attention to your brand and menu.

Generally, we will make your own logo printing template, and then we print a logo onto the paper bowl using a logo template with inks.

So, there is a two-part cost for printing. One is logo printing template cost.

The other one is the printing fee, as the logo template can repeat in printing the logo for a long time, so it is charged only once in the trial order.

If you have an idea about buying paper bowls overseas, the fee of customs clearance, tax, and shipping costs should be included in the final price.

Pick up your budget (paper bowls wholesale)

PE Lining Mini Size Price(USD/PCS)Medium Size Price(USD/PCS)Maxi Size Price (USD/PCS)
Paper salad bowl  0.0430.0580.069
Paper soup cup0.030.0410.05
Acai Paper Bowl0.04120.0460.05
Paper lid 0.0370.0510.0801
PET LID 0.030.0360.0401
PP LID0.0290.0370.041
PLA Lining Mini Size Price (USD/PCS)Medium Size Price(USD/PCS)Maxi Size Price (USD/PCS)
Paper salad bowl  0.0610.0810.095
Paper soup cup0.0380.050.072
Acai Paper Bowl0.0410.0460.049
Paper lid 0.0450.06010.126
PLA LID0.0850.110.147

The price is just for your budget reference, and the paper bowl price varies depending on the change in raw material cost.

By the way, if you need a custom logo price, please contact us for more details.


Above is a complete buying guide to a paper bowl with a lid.

There’s a lot riding on your disposable’s decisions. We highlight what you have to consider when you are sourcing paper bowls for your restaurant and customer.

You can assess all aspects to make sure if it still meets your need.

If you have more questions, just contact us for free. We will advise you on the most professional solution for your foodservice.

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