PLA Food Packaging: Everything you need to know(2023 Update)

PLA Food Packaging: Everything you need to know(2023 Update) Today, I’m going to share everything that you need to know about PLA food packaging In this article, you will learn: What is Polylactic acid (PLA) What is the manufacturing process of PLA Is PLA plastic food packaging safe? Advantages of PLA food packaging Disadvantages of […]

4 Essential Types of Paper Coating for Paper Bowl &Paper Cup

Paper lamination (also called paper coating) is a thin layer for the paper board to create a barrier which can make paper waterproof and grease resistant. It is often used in manufacturing paper bowls, paper cups and paper boxes. Common types of lamination surface finish can be glossy and matt. Paper lamination provides many advantages […]

4 Common Types of Paper Materials for Paper Bowl Cup & Their Differences

Paper is a basic raw material used to manufacture paper bowls as well as its lamination (PE Film, PP, PLA film, and Water-base barrier coating). With modern paper pulp manufacture developed, a variety of paper materials is introduced as paper material for making paper bowls and paper cups. Different Paper materials have a great impact […]

The Ultimate Guide To PE Coating Paper

Polyethylene (PE) Coated paper is one of the most typically used food packaging materials globally. Pe film is a chemically manufactured product with a partially crystalline structure and a lightweight thermoplastic polymer. Paper products with pe film coating are waterproof and sturdy Over seven million tons of polyethylene-coated paper products are manufactured every year, making […]

The Complete Guide to Water-Based Barrier Coating Paper(Plastic Free)

Polyethylene (PE) coated paper products have stormed the market for a long time. As time passed by, more and more people learned about the environmental hazards of using plastic film. they wanted to opt for more eco-friendly options. The water-based barrier coating is the newest solution for paper food packaging.  What is water-based barries coating […]

What is PLA Coated Paper ?(Everything you need to know)

PLA is also called "Polylactic acid"

The world is slowly but surely trying to turn away from plastic packaging for more eco-friendly packaging options. As a result, many customers have started to choose paper packaging as a new alternative.  But there is a catch. Most paper packaging needs to be coated with a plastic layer to be liquid-resistant. Even though plastic […]

The Definitive Guide to Bamboo Food Packaging

With the rising levels of pollution globally, one of the main contributing factors to soil and air pollution is the plastic packaging of all products. As a result, recycling efforts have increased considerably in every part of the world; however, it is not enough. Bamboo food packaging as a new wave of sustainable and eco-friendly […]