4 Essential Types of Paper Coating for Paper Bowl &Paper Cup

Paper lamination (also called paper coating) is a thin layer for the paper board to create a barrier which can make paper waterproof and grease resistant. It is often used in manufacturing paper bowls, paper cups and paper boxes. Common types of lamination surface finish can be glossy and matt.

Paper lamination provides many advantages like tear-resistant, more durable, water-resistant and better glossy printing quality.

As one of the basic materials for manufacturing paper bowls, there are four paper laminations including PE coating, Double Pe coating, PLA Coating and water-based barrier coating.

They can be applied to different paper materials (Kraft paper; cupstock paper; bamboo paper; paper with Aluminium Foil)

In this article, we explore four common types of paper lamination and its application so that you can decide what’s best for your food service business

PE film coating has developed as the most popular lamination solution for paper food packaging.PE stands for polyethylene which is food-safe contact and good heat resistance. So, it can be used in hot content foodservice like coffee &hot soup.

But it can’t stand high-temperature heating in the microwave for a long time. And it is not allowed to use in the oven

The polyethylene coating thickness is a key factor which has a great impact on moisture resistance, grease resistance and durability of paper board.

It is well known that the thicker pe coating, the better-quality paper container will have.

Although pe coating has many advantages, polyethylene still belongs to the plastic film. It is not biodegradable and compostable. Fortunately, PE coating is recycled after all

Advantage of single side PE coating
  • Great waterproof
  • Great grease resistant
  • Good Heat-seal Ability
  • Recycled
Disadvantage of single side PE coating
  • Not biodegradable
  • Not compostable
  • Not for oven
  • Not for microwave for a long time
  • Not for cold beverages and cold food

Double pe coating means the two sides of the paper board are laminated with polyethylene film. It has greater durability than single side pe coating paper.

This also makes double side pe coating paper a good choice for cold food and beverage packaging.

When a paper cup bowl serves cold content, the condensation of atmospheric moisture will appear on the outside layer of paper. Without pe film coating on the outside layer, the whole paper container will be soft with moisture.

That is why double pe film coating is widely used in cold food packaging.

The outside pe lamination is available for glossy and matt finished surface treatment. Two types of finish treatments will bring more possibility for custom logo printing on paperboard.

Matt pe lamination is more like a “natural “look. Compared to glossy pe lamination, it provides a softer printing look, as it can provide lower contrast on darker colours.

Glossy pe lamination is popular choice for printing. Brand and image is more crisp and sharper, whilst also having more contrast.

Advantage of double side PE coating
  • Matt or glossy treatment
  • Better printing quality
  • Good for cold drinks and food
  • More durable than single pe coating
  • Waterproof and grease proof
Disadvantage of double side PE coating
  • Not biodegradable
  • Not compostable
  • Higher cost than single pe lamination

PLA lamination is a mature paper coating solution for manufacturing biodegradable paper bows or cups. PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid which is extracted from renewable source starch or sugar cane. It is 100% food grade and 100% biodegradable and compostable.

As an eco-friendly alternative to pe coating paper, PLA coating paper is as stronger and more tear resistant because PLA lamination used in production is much thicker than pe coating.

Furthermore, it can stand hot food and beverage same as pe coating paper does.

Relatively, PLA coating paper is more costly than pe coating paper. But due to the eco-friendly benefits of PLA lamination, more and more brands are shifting from pe film coating to PLA film coating including Starbucks and Costa.

Advantage of PLA coating
  • Waterproof and grease proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Durable
  • zero carbon footprint.
Disadvantage of PLA coating
  • Higher cost than traditional pe lamination (1pe&2 pe)
  • Have to decompose in industrial conditions

Water base barrier coating is a new eco-friendly biodegradable lamination for paper which is not plastic coating (PE) or bio-plastic (PLA)coating.

The new barrier coating, also called aqueous coating, provides adequate protection against the liquid and different kinds of foodservice including coffee, salad, rice and so on.

As the plastic-free coating is water-based, it can easily break down just like the newspaper in nature without any special treatment.

Aqueous coating paper can be formed into paper cups, paper bowls, paper plates and paper containers.

Water base barrier coating (WBBC) can be used in kraft paper, cupstock and bamboo paper. Barrier coating is available for printing including offset print; Flexo printing and UV printing

Advantage of WBBC coating
  • Plastic-free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Decompose in natural
  • Waterproof and greaseproof
  • Excellent barrier to both hot and cold content
Disadvantage of WBBC coating
  • Higher cost than PLA lamination (Costly)

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